Myriad Data Reduction Framework

Big Sensor Data Analysis Without I.T.

Detecting structural damage in Myriad Desktop

What is Myriad?

Developed by Emphysic and funded by NASA, Myriad is a developer’s toolkit for sensor analysis in Big Data.  Use it to process reams of images, video frames or Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data and find the features you’re interested in, automatically.

  • Fault-tolerant concurrency.  Build powerful data processing clusters on the fly.
  • Batteries included.  Signal/image processing, machine learning, and hardware-accelerated computations all in a single package.
  • No restrictive licensing.  Permissive Apache licensing makes Myriad easy to incorporate in your projects.

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Concurrency Made Easy

Start with a single machine or a hundred, Myriad makes use of the resources available. Most distributed data analysis toolkits make you and your I.T. department jump through hoops setting up clusters and nodes.

With a Myriad app, you just start it on the next machine. That’s it. An easy to use processing pipeline lets you configure every step of the analysis to run on the local machine or to automatically call another. Change it on the fly as you like. Use high-powered machines in the cloud or daisy-chain local laptops, or mix and match as you go.

Remoting in Myriad Desktop

Teach Myriad or DIY

Myriad’s machine learning capabilities allow you to teach it to find faces, objects, anomalies, important sensor signals, or any other Region Of Interest (ROI). Just gather together some samples and train your algorithm of choice. And when you get false calls, just feed them back to your algorithm to improve results for the next time – Myriad’s always learning.

Have your own image processing or machine learning algorithms? No problem, just point Myriad in the right direction. Thanks to its decentralized structure, Myriad can handle all the data wrangling and then call your code to do the interesting work. No need to worry about how to parallelize your code, it’s all taken care of.

Training structural damage detection models in Myriad Trainer

Developer-Friendly With Room To Grow

When you’re ready to really dig in you can move beyond Myriad’s simple GUI tools Trainer and Desktop, and use Myriad the library. Every data ingestion, signal processing, machine learning, and distributed network component is available for use in your own applications. Need concurrency but not signal processing? Pick and choose the parts you need.

Myriad is built on the JVM, the industry standard for Big Data. Connect it with Hadoop, Spark, or Storm to build your data analysis system.