Source Code

Myriad is distributed as an Apache Maven project. Visit the Myriad Installation page for system requirements and compilation instructions.  You’ll need a Java 8 JDK installed (Oracle or OpenJDK) at a minimum.  Myriad, Desktop, and Trainer have been tested to compile and run on Windows 7, Windows 10, various flavors of Linux, FreeBSD, TrueOS, and OpenBSD.

Project Pages

  • Myriad library, a software library for creating Region Of Interest (ROI) detection applications
  • Myriad Trainer, a GUI for training and testing ROI detection models
  • Myriad Desktop, a GUI for constructing and running ROI detection pipelines

Sample Code

Developers interested in using Myriad should have a look at our Sample Code page.  The main demonstration is available from GitLab.


NASA Technical Review

In August 2016 Emphysic produced several videos as part of an initial technical review of the NASA Phase I SBIR results. These videos are available from our Wistia page.